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Mobile Meals of Toledo working to ensure food delivered despite icy conditions Tuesday

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Freezing rain overnight into Tuesday morning will cause a risk of icy roads, so Mobile Meals of Toledo is working double time to fulfill its commitment to serving people who need assistance with diet and meal preparation regardless of age and income.

“We often see ourselves as first responders and support people during inclement weather and natural disasters,” said Alison Foreman, CEO of Mobile Meals of Toledo. “We have a disaster preparedness plan; we are prepared.”

Delivery scheduled for Tuesday has been canceled due to the conditions, so Mobile Meals of Toledo employees have been working double time to fill orders and support the more than 300 clients they serve.

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WEATHER Winter weather pet safety tips

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There are many things to take care of when it comes to winter weather.

Did I winterize my home? Does my car have the updated safety kit? Can my jacket last another winter?

What about your pets?

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It took a little time but snow is finally here this winter, are you ready?

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TOLEDO, Ohio — It has been a slow winter in terms of snow fall so far, and it does not necessarily mean the worst is yet to come, but with WTOL 11’s Weather Team making Wednesday an Alert Day, we spoke with AAA on what you need to know to be prepared.

Public Affairs Manager, Kara Hitchens said everyone should stay prepared throughout the whole winter season.

“It’s typically that first snowfall that we see the most problems, but as winter comes along, a lot of times by the end of the season, people are just over the weather,” said Hitchens.

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Toledo’s snow plow crews prepare for coming storm

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TOLEDO, Ohio — Toledo’s road crews are preparing for the imminent winter storm, but Thursday evening’s rainy weather is only making their job harder.

Streets, Bridges, and Harbor Commissioner Jeremy Mikoljczyk said they’re salting the roads in anticipation, but he’s worried much of the brine will wash away. That could lead to some dangerously icy conditions on Friday, but his team will be working all through the storm to keep things as under control as they can.

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Warming Centers available in NW Ohio, SE Michigan during winter storm

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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) – There are numerous resources and locations available to help people stay warm during the winter storm expected to hit the region during the 13abc First Alert Weather Day starting late Thursday night and continuing through early Saturday.

The City of Toledo has an interactive map of warming shelters available at the link here. Note that the available dates and times vary. Those who need help finding a shelter can also contact United Way at 2-1-1.

Additional locations in the Toledo area include the Cherry Street Mission, the Oregon Senior Citizens’ Center, and the Salvation Army.

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Wood County EMA director explains how to prepare for severe weather

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TOLEDO, Ohio — As severe weather approaches, local experts provided WTOL 11 with a better understanding of the potential damage it could do, and what you should be thinking about to prepare for it.

Jeff Klein, the director of Wood County’s Emergency Management Agency, said the biggest concern actually comes from the wind, which is likely to down power lines.

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First Alert Weather Day issued for late week

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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) – A 13abc First Alert Weather Day has been issued, starting late Thursday evening and lasting through Christmas Eve.

Our first big snow event of the season could more than make up for lost time. Thursday will start out with a rain/snow mix, switching to all snow that evening and lasting for the better part of the next 36 hours. We’ll also have to deal with 40+ mph wind gusts, and bitter cold temperatures for one of the busiest travel times of the year. We may well wake up to lows near zero on Christmas morning.

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Staying safe while working, and playing, in the snow

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TOLEDO, Ohio — Ready or not, cold and snowy weather is right around the corner. For some, that means long hours shoveling snow. For others, snowy weather opens the door for fun winter activities. Whether you’re shoveling or exercising this winter, ProMedica cardiologist Dr. Daniel Cassavar says there are things you can do to be safe while working or playing in the snow.

“As a cardiologist, every year we try to avoid, but see, a lot of patients who have been exposed to cold weather and have had a heart attack,” said Dr. Cassavar.” A lot of them were shoveling snow or doing outdoor activities that they may or may not have been OK to do at the time.”

Whether you’re shoveling or exercising, warming up is an important way to prepare the heart and muscles for activity.

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