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International Space Station visible for 7 minutes on Sunday night

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While you are looking skyward on Sunday trying to catch one last glimpse of the Northern Lights, keep your eyes peeled for something much more common but that you might not realize is visible to the naked eye.

For a period of seven minutes, between 10:08 and 10:15 p.m., the International Space Station (ISS) will traverse the sky as it moves from the West Southwest sky to the Northeast.

The ISS will be at a maximum height of 52° above the horizon. (For reference, the horizon is 0° and straight overhead is 90°.)

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Toledo’s electric scooters: What’s new?

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VEO electric scooters are once again available to people for the spring and summer in Toledo. This scooter season, you might notice some changes.

In addition to the pedal bike and standing scooter, people now have the option to use a seated scooter. The rides continue to expand accessibility to downtown.

The new partnership between VEO, the city of Toledo, and the University of Toledo adds to this initiative. The university hopes this will tackle a common problem: parking.

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Virtual tour teaches people what it’s like to have dementia

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According to the World Health Organization, more than 55 million people have dementia worldwide. One local facility is offering free tours that simulate what it’s like to live with dementia to help others understand.

“It’s a home. It’s not a home-like environment. It is a home. Just the way that we care for the residents and treating everything like it’s their home, and really focusing on them and making their life enjoyable,” Tori Rotar, the admissions and marketing director at Parkcliffe Memory Care Community said.

The goal at Parkcliffe Memory Care is to make residents with dementia and Alzheimer’s feel as comfortable as possible in a place they are unfamiliar with. Part of creating that comfort is helping families to understand what it’s like to live with dementia through the virtual dementia tour.

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Toledo Public Schools announces new Electric Vehicle Center

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TOLEDO, Ohio — Toledo Public Schools said Wednesday it will break ground on a $5.7 million Electric Vehicle Center on the Toledo Technology Academy (TTA) campus.

TPS Superintendent Romules Durant said the project is a team approach and was spearheaded by U.S. Rep. Marcy Kaptur, D-Toledo, who secured $1.25 million in federal funding for the new center.

“For America to remain a leader and for Toledo to be at the center in the new propulsion age and the new age of clean energy and power, we have to educate to the future,” Kaptur said.

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Local dentist introduces AI technology in patient care

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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) – Caring for teeth takes a keen eye and now a local dentist is explaining how artificial intelligence is helping the professionals hone in on trouble spots earlier than ever.

Dr. Alap Choksey has been seeing patients for 20 years. 13 Action News anchor Sashem Brey met him at his Corner Dental practice on Talmadge Road to learn about new technology that he says is changing the game.

“It’s simply a tool,” Dr. Choksey explained. “It’s not telling us what to do, it’s just giving us some guidelines, a roadmap to say, ‘hey, maybe you wanna double check something.’”

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EPA awards electric school buses to 6 school districts in Ohi

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Big yellow school buses are some of the most recognized vehicles on the road, but are some of the most polluting as well.

According to the EPA, the diesel exhaust from these buses negatively impacts human health, especially children whose lungs aren’t fully developed.

“Diesel exhaust is a known carcinogen and a known trigger for asthma,” said Kindra Weid, a volunteer with Mom’s Clean Air Force.

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Verizon to increase 5G bandwidth in multiple rural northwest Ohio communities

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TOLEDO, Ohio — Verizon is improving the 5G experience for customers in multiple northwest Ohio rural communities.

Customers in Sylvania, Swanton, Lima, Ada, Mount Vernon, Zanesville, and Cambridge will now have access to higher bandwidth speeds with the deployment of Verizon’s recently acquired C-Band spectrum.

The tech company is planning to deploy 5G Ultra Wideband, using up to 100 MHz of C-Band spectrum, in multiple markets across the state, including the previously mentioned cities.

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Recycling event | Give your laptop a new life and support local students, sustainable practices

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If you have old laptops you no longer use, need or want, you can take care of some spring cleaning while promoting sustainability efforts by bringing them to a local recycling event.

Through May 31, Genoa Bank’s Maumee, Sylvania and Perrysburg/Rossford locations will accept laptops for recycling during a month-long event called “Graduate Your Laptop”. According to a post made to Genoa Bank’s Facebook page, all data from donated laptops will be securely destroyed.

Laptops will then be either fully recycled or refurbished and resold at a low price to students in the fall. AIM Ecycling LLC, a northwest Ohio-based e-cycling company, will recycle and refurbish the items.

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Toledo Solar Wins $8.8 Federal Grant To Make See-Through Solar Windows, a near-term solution for Net Positive Buildings

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oledo Solar Inc (TSI), a leading American manufacturer of photovoltaic (PV) solar panels, has been awarded $8.8 million in federal funding through the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Solar Energy Technologies Office (SETO) to continue TSI’s work on commercialization of transparent and semi-transparent (PV) solar glass products for Architectural windows.

The DOE’s award to Toledo Solar reflects their commitment to drive American innovation to meet the nation’s evolving electrical demand from domestically manufactured and renewable sources. As part of its $8.8 million cooperative award from SETO, TSI and its partners will contribute a cost share of $9 million, bringing the total funding for the project to $17.8 million.

This award represents the largest investment of its kind to a solar panel manufacturer as part of the SETO Fiscal Year 2022 Solar Manufacturing Incubator.

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TikTok faces potential nationwide ban; local influencer says app can be beneficial

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TOLEDO, Ohio — U.S. lawmakers questioned the CEO of TikTok during a congressional hearing Thursday about data security and harmful content as the app faces a potential nationwide ban. The short-form video app, owned by Chinese parent company ByteDance, has already been banned by federal agencies and many states, including Ohio, over concerns of personal information and other sensitive data being shared with the Chinese government.

But one Toledo-area TikToker and educator said many social media apps, not just TikTok, require users and parents of youths to be selective and take measures to ensure the content they see is safe.

Katie Peters, the communications director for Washington Local Schools, has gained over 100,000 followers on the platform after she started posting content for students during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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