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Researchers solve perovskites puzzle for better solar cells

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Published in Science, the research led by The University of Toledo, Ohio, in collaboration with the University of Washington, University of Toronto, Northwestern University and Empa (Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology) solved the problem with the durability of perovskite solar cells.

“Perovskite solar cells offer a route to lowering the cost of solar electricity given their high-power conversion efficiencies and low manufacturing cost,” said Dr Yanfa Yan, UToledo Distinguished University Professor of physics and a member of the UToledo Wright Center for Photovoltaics Innovation and Commercialization. “However, we needed to strengthen the emerging solar cell technology’s endurance during outdoor operation.”

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James Webb Space Telescope sends back deepest cosmic views yet

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Last year, NASA along with its partners launched the James Webb Space Telescope which captured new images that can lead to new discoveries.

Tuesday, the administration released images to the public from the telescope’s first observations of a 4.6-billion-year-distant universe.

The images included a Carina Nebula, a group of interacting galaxies known as Stephan’s Quintet, a dying star and Webb’s first deep field image to show the galaxies from the early universe.

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Project Discovery brings Toledo Public Schools students to Imagination Station

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Students from Toledo Public Schools spent Tuesday at the Imagination Station as a part of a community project to expose children to the wonders of science.

A partnership between TPS and the science center has allowed Project Discovery to happen.

This concept of bringing young children knowledge of STEM has been in place since 2019 before COVID-19 altered many plans.

“We’re really excited to be able implement this program this year and we have a vision to continue it and to grow it over the next two to three years,”

Imagination Station received support from the KeyBank Foundation for the next three years.

It is crucial for students to receive a science, technology, engineering and math education and having access to all parts of the community is important to KeyBank.

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