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National Museum of the Great Lakes announces expansion, change in leadership

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The National Museum of the Great Lakes announced an upcoming expansion as well as a change in leadership during their annual State of the Museum update, changes that come during the organization’s “second wave of growth,” according to a press release.

Museum leadership said the recent opening of the Glass City Metropark has increased the museum’s local visibility and gave them the confidence to move forward with a 5,000 square foot expansion. The physical expansion, which will cost an estimated $5.5 million, will include additional permanent exhibit space, dedicated room for temporary exhibits and a new Great Lakes Community Education Center, leadership said.

The Toledo Museum of Art selling well-known pieces for over $60 million

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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) – Leaders from The Toledo Museum of Art say the sale of three famous Cézanne, Matisse and Renoir pieces could double the non-profit’s funds. Some Museum-goers are not too excited about the plan, though.

“I do not understand why the museum would sell some of our best pieces off that we are most famous for,” said Toledo resident Lori Proctor.

The Brand Strategy Director with the museum, Gary Gonya, says this is actually a common practice for museums.

“We’ve been doing it for decades and decades,” said Gonya. “We did it in order to give ourselves funding to expand the collection and to be able to purchase artworks that are more representative of the Toledo community.”

To the experts at The Toledo Museum of Art, it’s a straightforward process, but for many outside the business, an explanation might be helpful.

“It’s a very careful process. Everybody gets involved and really assesses kind of where is that opportunity where we could let go of something, sell something, that we feel wouldn’t diminish our collection,” Gonya said.

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