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City of Toledo planning for total solar eclipse tourism

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A historic total solar eclipse is soon approaching and a portion of northwest Ohio has prime viewing potential.

While the city of Toledo is not in center of the path of totality like part of our region, it will still experience the total solar eclipse.

That means people worldwide will be flocking to the Glass City and the surrounding areas to view the spectacle, and city of Toledo officials have been preparing for months for the possible uptick in tourism.

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GUIDE | How to view the partial annular eclipse in the Midwest Saturday

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TOLEDO, Ohio — While much of the northern hemisphere eagerly awaits the 2024 total solar eclipse, Saturday’s annular eclipse will provide a unique – albeit partial, in most areas including the Midwest- preview for what’s to come next year.

On Saturday afternoon, a total annular eclipse will pass over the northwest and southwest U.S., before moving into the Yucatan Peninsula and South America. While only parts of Oregon, California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas will be in the path of totality, the entire contiguous U.S. will at least see a partial annular eclipse.

In Ohio and Michigan, the moon will eclipse about 40 to 50 percent of the sun. Provided you have the proper safety glasses, the event will still be a spectacular and interesting sight.

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