‘Dose of Reality’ tough-love program turning Toledo’s kids away from going down the wrong path

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TOLEDO, Ohio — Parents are going to great lengths to stop their kids from ending up on the wrong side of the law.

Some call it desperation, while others call it tough love.

But either way, Young Men and Women for Change is teaching kids and their parents accountability through behavioral modification.

Parents come to Toledo from all around the area.

All of them are fed up with how their children have been acting.

And all are ready to do just about anything to help lead them in the right direction.

It’s known as “A Dose of Reality” program.

And if you think it sounds rough, that’s because it is rough.

But it’s that tough love these parents say their kids need.

“You don’t like it, but you’re not gonna like it if he’s in jail or if he’s dead,” said Angela Montroy, who is the mother of 15-year-old Dustin.

About 35 kids filled the gym for this most recent program.

Parents watch as they’re led through a strenuous workout.

All while being reminded they’re here because of the choices they’ve made.

“It kills me as a parent. I feel as if I’ve done everything right. I’ve given him things. I’ve made the right choices. I corrected. And then I just sit there and think to myself ‘what have I done wrong?'” said Leslie Swartz, who is the mother of 8-year-old Avery.

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