A behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to keep Toledo Fire’s vehicles and equipment repaired and ready

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TOLEDO, Ohio — If you drive north on North Detroit Avenue, you’ll likely pass a hidden building that you might not even notice at first.

What goes on in that building is how first responders are able to get to you in an emergency.

“We’re right around 125-thousand square feet,” Lt. Craig Ellis, fire maintenance officer with Toledo Fire & Rescue Department, said. “We take up the better part of a city block.”

This incognito hub of Toledo is an essential building for the city to keep running.

“We do the maintenance and repair for all the fire apparatus and equipment that we have on the fireside for the city of Toledo,” Ellis said. “That includes 38 frontline fire apparatus, and 17 reserve rigs for a total of 55 pieces of fire equipment that we do here.”

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