The Historic Restaurant In Toledo That Offers Guests Scrumptious Food and Fascinating Story to Go Home With

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Tony Packo’s Cafe is a restaurant that started in the Hungarian neighborhood of Birmingham, on the east side of Toledo, Ohio, at 1902 Front Street. During the Great Depression in 1932, Tony Packo used a $100 loan to open his shop, which originally sold only sandwiches and ice cream.

Though the hotdog and pickles at this joint are arguably the best, that’s not the only draw to this iconic restaurant. The Hungarian Style joint offers more than just food. The restaurant embodies history, luxury, and grandeur.

Burt Reynolds was the first big name to eat at Packo’s when he visited the restaurant at the suggestion of Tony’s daughter Nancy in 1972. He also began the tradition of “bun signing” when he inscribed his signature on a Packo hot dog bun in 1972. Ever since then, celebrities who visit the restaurant sign a “bun”—now a foam, air-brushed look-alike—and have it placed on the walls of Packo’s.

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