Staying safe while working, and playing, in the snow

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TOLEDO, Ohio — Ready or not, cold and snowy weather is right around the corner. For some, that means long hours shoveling snow. For others, snowy weather opens the door for fun winter activities. Whether you’re shoveling or exercising this winter, ProMedica cardiologist Dr. Daniel Cassavar says there are things you can do to be safe while working or playing in the snow.

“As a cardiologist, every year we try to avoid, but see, a lot of patients who have been exposed to cold weather and have had a heart attack,” said Dr. Cassavar.” A lot of them were shoveling snow or doing outdoor activities that they may or may not have been OK to do at the time.”

Whether you’re shoveling or exercising, warming up is an important way to prepare the heart and muscles for activity.

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