Safety tips for cleaning gutters and hanging holiday lights

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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) – Beautiful weather during the late fall brings people outside to rake leaves and get them out of their gutters. But if you’re not careful, bad things can happen.

“If you just stop, take some time, plan out the activity, make sure that you’re doing it as safely as possible, have a serviceable ladder… these are kind of just common sense things, but we tend to make shortcuts at times, and that’s when we get into trouble,” explained Pvt. Sterling Rahe with Toledo Fire & Rescue.

It’s important to have someone with you to hold that ladder and watch out for your safety. “Make sure that again somebody is there with you, and don’t go to high,” said Pvt. Rahe. “With those stepladders, we don’t want people on the very top steps or the ones even below that. You want to stay a little lower, keep the center of gravity lower.”

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